Vintage Lincoln Three-Lamp Chandelette


Material: Metal
Height: 4 inches
Diameter: 12 inches
Chord Length: 4 feet
Weight: 5 pounds
Finish: Copper
Product Code: V476
Bulb Type: Standard Base
Wattage: 40 per bulb (3 bulbs)
Bulbs Included: Yes

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This item is a one-of-a-kind product. Once sold there will not be another. Get yours today!

This item comes with a one-year warranty.

Here is a great Victorian era ceiling hanging lamp fixture. Made in the early 1920’s, this Lincoln three-lamp chandelette is a perfect example of the turning century, from candle or wick to electricity. Nearly all of these fixtures were first lit with Edison Electric Light Bulbs. Made of cast iron in sand or wax molds, they were single piece fixtures. We restore all our lamps to original condition and then spray them with our patent-pending two-part clear coat that resists dust, and locks in that original finish. Before the spray treatment, we hand paint the fixtures to give them the same colors as originally found or we do a better job and make the fixtures something new and exciting. Then, the clear coat goes on. You’ll have a hard time leaving even a fingerprint!

You will be proud to own a fixture restored by the Steampunk Lamp Factory here at Accent Lighting Designs!  Call us with any questions you might have about this or any other products we sell!

Capn Jim


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