Soft-Spoken Hanging Lamp


Material: Metal, frosted glass
Height: 7 inches
Diameter: 5 inches
Chord Length: 4 feet
Weight: 2 pounds
Finish: Gold, frosted glass
Product Code: V45
Bulb Type: Standard base
Wattage: 60
Bulbs Included: Yes

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This item is a one-of-a-kind product. Once sold there will not be another. Get yours today!

This item comes with a lifetime warranty.

What do you get when you cross linen glass, a new brass cap and canopy and a little bit of polish? A soft-spoken but ever dependable ceiling pendant. Let’s be real, sometimes we want to keep it simple with our home, and lighting plays a big role in that. Tapping the breaks a little and relaxing get all the easier when your light fixtures are as mellow as you want to be.
That being said we want to make sure it provides just enough character to make it not just some lamp. In comes the linen glass, providing texture and a subtle flavor. Here’s to keeping it classy.


Additional information

Weight 2 .
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 7 in


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