Early 20th Century Three-Light Chandelier


Material: Metal
Height: 13 inches
Diameter: 13 inches
Chord Length: 4 feet
Weight: 5 pounds
Finish: Silver, Gold
Product Code: V440
Bulb Type: Standard base, decorative flame shape
Wattage: 40 per bulb (4 bulbs)
Bulbs Included: Yes

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This item is a one-of-a-kind product. Once sold there will not be another. Get yours today!

This item comes with a lifetime warranty.

Here is another little gem. This 3 light fixture has been totally restored. You can’t believe the detail. Here at the Steampunk Lamp Factory, we are all about details! All of our painting is hand applied with an amazing hard coat process we invented here. It not only locks that color in to keep it fresh, it also is dustless as well.  Silver, Gold, and Black are the three colors on this mini chandelier. None of our products come in just one color.  Two colors at the minimum are one of our trademarks.  You have to look at all the pictures to really see the handpainted detailing on this magnificent piece from the 1930s.

Capn Jim


Additional information

Weight 5 .
Dimensions 13 x 13 x 13 in


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