Steampunk Lamp Factory is a maker of steampunk light and art. We have been building steampunk works for 10 years and build a few hundred pieces annually. We also are introducing for 2017 our own line of new fixtures for steampunk. This line will be available for consumers to purchase quantities of identical fixtures or a combination of fixtures and art for restaurants, residences, hotels, bars and amusement parks. We are located in Central Texas where we manufacture and build steampunk products and have a retail showroom of nothing but steampunk and Victorian era products. Our fixtures offer lifetime warranties, hand painted, hand built, and our quality is unsurpassed.


    So, what more is there to say about a 30-year-old company of Artists, Technicians, and Musicians that produce fabulous pieces of working functional art? Not one or two, but hundreds. Actually, we have produced over 3,400 outdoor and interior lighting projects alone. Part of the company works outside creating artistic lighting scenes for residences and commercial interests. The other half of the work is in the factory producing artistic hand-painted lighting fixtures.


    In this website, you will see that collaboration. You will see Remodeled and Restored Vintage Light Fixtures, Steampunk Creations, and Art Objects brought to life as was customary at the turn of the 20th century. When hand-painting was used & craftsmanship was king.  Each one handled as many times by human hands as it takes to make it perfect to our standards.


    You will also see our latest creation. A creation of an entire Lighting Line of our own. With Lifetime warranties, hand made and hand painted products, most items are even two tones of painting. This new creation is Steampunk Lamp Factory! Take a look, there is a Parts section, and a Custom Build section. We hope you like what you see and visit us often. This site will be ever evolving, just like our company has done for over 30 Years.


We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.